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Francis Drake

Задание на вебквест

This web quest includes activities designed to inform students about the biography of Sir Francis Drake, an English sea captain and politician of the Elizabethan era.

Visit http://schools-wikipedia.org/wp/f/Francis_Drake.htm
Look for the answers to these questions:
1. What was his father’s name and how many siblings did Francis have?
2. When did he go on his first voyage to Africa?
3. What did Drake and his cousin John Hawkins start doing?
4. When did he first take part in a successful attack on Spanish ships and what did he bring back?
5. Where did he seize gold and silver?

Read the section entitled “Marriage and family”
6. How many times did he marry and did he have children?

Read the section entitled “Circumnavigation of the world”. In pairs or small groups look for the answers to these questions:
7. What expedition did the Queen send Drake to in 1577?
8. What cargo did Drake bring to Plymouth on his ship and what was the Queen’s share?

Read the section entitled “Political career”.
9. What did Drake do as a politician?

Read the section entitled “Final years”.
10. Was 1595 a successful year for Drake and why?
11. What illness did he die of in 1596?
12. Where do divers continue to search for his coffin?

Look at the fact file at the beginning of the webpage:
13. How big would his fortune be nowadays?

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